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Headshot with GigiMagine for promotional pictures of actors, models, and authors, also such as identification and corporate portraits.
Now that socialmedia has taken on such an important role in promoting our professional abilities, having an impact-making headshot is more important than ever. Since every social media platform requires a profile image, your headshot will have a far-reaching web presence in addition to more traditional uses like the staff page of your organization’s website and publication in conference or speaking engagement–related materials.
Headshots aren’t just for top executives anymore. Everybody needs one.

Pregnancy pictures


Make beautiful memories in natural light, for your family portraits, kid's milestones or just to capture a real life moment in a very artistic way,

I capture your unique connection to your baby and your partner and do everything in my power to help you feel.

At home, at a park, garden or beach....


My inspiration is your life....your pregnancy, your baby, your children, your family... you.


Don't hesitate to call GigiMagine for special packages, pricing and options.

Event Photography

Be a guest at your own party!

Don't be pressured to be a photographer.

Enjoy and live the moment, don't miss a minute!I


I can capture your 40th birthday, your 4th of July party or a family get together...




Kids birthday

I can document your child's birthday party..




Kids birthday

I can document your child's birthday party..


My love of art and photography started way back. I took a break when my children were born, but this love then grew into a passion. Capturing the perfect images of my kids, family and friends through the years became an amazing experience and inspired me to go beyond. Because of my graphic design background, I am able to retouch pictures in Photoshop and I can add a very unique style!

I love to create works of art for my walls and freeze memories in time …

When I take a picture it's not just a picture to me -- it's a memory, a moment in time that I want that person to remember forever. My goal is to capture your children as they are -- not to pose them in a studio but rather to capture that beautiful look, silly smile or grumpy face while they are at play outside or at home. I aim to capture candid moments in an artful way that will evoke feelings and memories for years to come.

Taking pictures - it's a part of me.

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