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Meringue Powder Packaging Design


Packaging Design

Art Director:

Gigi Dayan

Team Members: Muriel Garnier, Stephanie Sigana

Client   / 

Chefmaster Los Angeles

Design Process:

From concept to creation, the design process for ChefMaster's Meringue Powder packaging was a collaborative effort. We began with market research to understand consumer preferences, followed by brainstorming sessions and sketching initial ideas. The design evolved through multiple iterations, incorporating feedback from the team to ensure the final product was both visually appealing and practical. The result is a packaging design that not only attracts attention but also communicates the quality and versatility of ChefMaster's product.

With ChefMaster's Meringue Powder, we aimed to blend elegance with functionality, creating packaging that not only stands out on the shelves but also conveys the product's high quality and ease of use. The design incorporates vibrant colors and clear typography, reflecting the fun and creativity that ChefMaster brings to the culinary world.

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